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M. Bay's Apartment | 2007

DescriptionTechnical specs




The project consisted in the makeover of a two-bedroom apartment, in terms of some basic infrastructures and interior design. The flat is located in a building 3rd floor (Foz, Oporto).



The client specified that he wished to have large areas in the living room and bed room, a working space connected with the bedroom and large wardrobes. He also showed interest in keeping the previous fireplace area.


Departure point

Even if the apartment had a terrace, with a north-west orientation, the original area organization was all turned to the interior: the space was organized to keep the two-bedroom typology, in order to be sold as such. Although, all the living pieces had small areas, the kitchen was a kind of corridor, together with the laundry, occupied the best apartment area, with a sea view.


Intervention criteria | Functional organization

The project aimed to extend the apartment social area to the terrace, not only visually but also inviting to a more frequent use of it, moving to the living room area the sea view that was previously restricted to the laundry.

The area re-distribution used the volume of the heat exchanger, which replaced the traditional fireplace, as the main element in the space composition. Having a central location in the apartment plant, imposed by the building structure, the heat exchanger has naturally split the spaces of the social area from the spaces of a more private area. The introduction of sliding panels allowed the space division to be more flexible, those can be used to close some pieces (kitchen and bathroom), to split others (working area | bedroom | dressing room) or to define temporary areas (hall).